A downloadable game for Windows

This is a small fps I made in Unity 5 in just one night. The builds I have here are the 2 early prototypes made within a 3 week span. A few days ago, I fixed my pc and wil now be actively working on this project. For any questions, email me at minecraftplayer45.mc@gmail.com or message me on twitter at @backwards_oof

Recent screenshots:


1 Weapon and a couple of destructible objects


8 Weapons- 6 Assault Rifles and 2 Snipers with Floating Ammo Counters

Killable People

Bloom, Motion Blur, and Lens Flare

I am aware of a bug where the shot goes through the dummy and hits the wall behind it, and I have a fix ready.

When aiming for shots with a sniper, aim around the chin area, and if that doesn't work try to move around.

I recommend playing on 720p with simple graphics to avoid lag.

Also: There's a pretty bad player model with weird animations but its better than being a floating pair of arms and a gun.

Please comment suggestions and bugs below, it would help a lot, and feel free to suggest a name.

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the exe inside.


prototype-0.01 24 MB
prototype-0.1 54 MB

Development log


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Can u make a mobile version for android if u get time 

Made a video on the Prototype and the 0.1 current build! When the demo comes out I will be making a updated video on that too!


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I love this game but I would also love if you could update this game because it seems to have a bright future. I downloaded both current editions the Prototype and the Current Build and they seem to be enjoyable and are fun to play around with, But this game could turn into a multiplayer shooter very easily and I will love to see a Multiplayer game mode and a starting screen in a future update!

You're in luck since I'm working on a demo right now that I'll release in a week or two as a new game

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Oh Cool! I would love to get early access to this game when  its demo release because I am a small YouTuber with only 38 Subscribers at the moment and I would love to record a video on the new release! My YouTube Channel (Videos tab)-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6bgc2JoF_YdaEQEFUB7lcg/videos?view_as=subscrib...    PS-I am very active on the new updates for this game and I will get every release that comes out as I already have 2 of the release's that you have made.    Also I subscribed to you it would be awesome if you could subscribe back thank you and sorry for all the edits on my comment lol.

I'll release the demo as a separate game in a few weeks and thanks for the support.

You're welcome! And Thanks for subscribing I will be very active and I have this book marked this and I will make a video on the demo when it comes out!

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This game has similarities to the steam game, Multiplayer FPS Tutorial Demo, does it have any relation to it?

None, I didn't know it even existed.

I like it! Its a Good game Btw

Thanks a lot


okay first I played it okay game but make it so player can spawn enemy npcs friendly to if possible great game but how to switch guns and why do the bullets pass through the soliders .

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Don't worry, I'm working on a demo that I'll release as a different game. It's a lot better than what this build of the game is. Also use the scroll wheel to switch weapons.

about to play hope its a good game